Homecoming night

Mario walked in the homecoming parade and could not have been more ready to walk by himself. Every time Ri and I got close, he’d yell “go away!” He wanted to bask in his football glory without dawdling family members close by him.

Ri and I were so out of there after the parade. She had no desire to watch the football game. Mario, on the other hand, was all about it. He was so excited to sit with Jon the entire game. Some of his little buddies were playing down by the concession stand and he joined them for a bit but sat up in the stands most of the game. Jon gets a gold star for making it through the entire game (most folks with younger kids hit the road at half time).
Meanwhile, Ri and I hit Grandview Ave. for a wild night: Panera for Mac-n-cheese and Orange Leaf for ice cream. We know how to rock the town.



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