Birthday no. 42

42 was a piece of cake, or I should say, pieces of cake, based on the many pieces I consumed through the day. My mom came up from Cincy on Monday night so that I could start 42 off right with a morning run and weight-lifting. I woke at 6:10 and the sunrise greeted me at mile 5. Gorgeous dark peaches and mango across the eastern sky as I finished up my run and walked into the gym for some heavy duty lifting. It’s been my routine for ten+ years and I cherish it.
I came home to kisses from Ri and Mario (even with my sweaty self) and a walk up to Stauf’s with my mom and Rocco. If only every day could begin like that – warm kisses, sweet kids, good conversation, Stauf’s coffee (add in Jon and it would be perfect)…. I hit work after Stauf’s and got happy birthday wishes from friends on Facebook. It is funny how excited people get over birthday messages via Facebook, especially when they are from people you rarely speak with during the year. But I must admit that I was one of those people smiling with each new message wishing me a great day.
I took off a little early from work to meet my sis at the house at 5 pm for a walk with Rocco and the kids to the woods. We timed it perfectly with the sun setting before us as we walked into the woods. Vibrant oranges laid as a backdrop against the yellows and reds of the trees’ leaves. Magical.
Mom was off her call when we arrived home and we headed out to Cap City for some yummy dinner and dessert. The waiter was a gem and allowed me to get both the salmon and the meatloaf because I couldn’t pick which one sounded better. They were delicious. And we couldn’t resist carrot cake for dessert (even though mom had bought me a sheetcake!).

I have flowers galore in the house and at work thanks to my hubby. He sent some to my office that are quite the lift-me-up when I walk into my digs in the morning (along with a sweet note).


The ones he sent to the house were ones he had delivered with Ri’s and Mario’s names on the card. When I opened the card and asked the kids “did you get these for me?”, Maria immediately said “no, dad did.” Not Mario though. He didn’t flinch when he responded “yes, I picked them out.” He likes to take credit where credit is not due…. but I can’t help but love him.
Ri wrote me a poem about love and gave me some acorns. Sarah wrote me a precious letter and mom hooked me up with running gear and an endearing card. We came home to more sheetcake and peanut butter chip ice cream. By 10 pm, none of us could move or stay awake.

Mom hit the road back to Cincy and Sarah and I and the kids headed up to bed. And there, before my eyes, was my most awesome present – a bed full of folded clothes. Mom had folded four loads of laundry for me as well as cleaned up dog poop outside. Now that’s a helluva birthday present.

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