Play dates and parties

Our kids don’t have to run around to five different soccer matches or basketball tournaments every weekend. We are lucky that way. Mario is still too little to be on any competitive teams and Ri has no desire for organized sports.
However, we have been amazed at the amount of running around we are doing every weekend for birthday parties and play dates. Our kids may not be world class athletes but they are world class partiers!
Mario has had one every week for about two months straight. When an invitation comes in his backpack, Maria sarcastically opens it and chirps “we know what this is….” Little does she remember how many birthday invitations she got in kindergarten. We were at Pump it Up or Chuckee Cheese all the time with her. Now it’s all sport-themed parties with Mario. Ri’s finally at an age where there is not the unspoken requirement to invite everyone in the classroom (however this is also the age where hurt feelings can come into play and where you need long talks about finding your set of friends who you enjoy being around).
This last party that Mario attended was at a swim club and he had to change in a big tent with other boys. They were all giggling and turning around modestly. Except our Mario who just tore off his clothes and threw on his suit.




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