Mighty Girl

Yea, my daughter is no joke.
She’s not scared to give a poke
And see what the world brings her.
I love that she’ll toss that melon
Right up on her shoulder and have no one tellin’ her different.

She whips her scooter all over town
And not even a hard fall will bring a frown.
No, she just stands right up and brushes those knees all the while smiling away and petting her pup.

Her little brother acts ambivalent to her strength
But he understands her power
And how she’ll go to any length
To protect him from danger and any crazed stranger.

The adventurous gene grabbed hold of her tight.
She braves the high dive, rock climbing and biking in moonlight.

Her laugh is infectious and she loves a good party
She will keep things a rockin’
And make folks be hearty.

There’s never been a baby she doesn’t admire
Of her new niece, Elena, she never will tire.

And don’t you ever get between her and family, you see
Because she adores her mom and dad and all of her kin.
And she will not hesitate to kick you to the curb if you ever mess with any one of them.




Love you mighty girl!


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