Saturday fun day

Ri had a birthday party sleepover on Friday night with about eight girls. I dropped her off and the music was jamming and the disco lights glowing. Hilarious how parties have progressed from barbies and crafts to pop music and dance moves. I wish I could have installed a video camera to watch these girls jam it out during the evening.
When I picked Ri up at 10 am, she was still in her pjs and perfectly happy to head home in them. We ended up picking up Evie an hour later to play at our house so her mom could run a few errands. I treated the girls to a smoothie at the coffee shop and got my much-needed au lait.

Then we went to Walgreens and got a big sheet of cardboard and markers in order to make a sign in support of the Grandview Boys Soccer Team. They headed to the state championships on Saturday afternoon at Crew Stadium. The girls made an awesome sign that they, of course, completely forgot to take to the game!

It ends up their little hands would have frozen holding up the sign anyway. It got cold as they sat in the stands but it was a great game. The boys came back from a 3-0 deficit to tie it. They lost in overtime but played their hearts out. I’m so glad Ri got to attend.

I still remember traveling to Columbus as a freshman in high school and watching our football team play in the championship.
While Ri was partying at the game, Mario and I had a killer pillow fight. That boy could wrestle and pillow fight all night long. I always out a time limit on the activity – 10 minutes – knowing he will beg for more time and we will go at it for 30. It’s a good way to tire his hyper self out because he comes at me with all his might! Of course, he does turn himself into the Hulk when we play. But I get to be Wonder Woman (“mom, you have to be a super hero, too but I already know who you will he because you love Wonder Woman”) so I have some power to unleash, too. Hulk got a couple wallops on me but I think Wonder Woman remains the reigning champ. >

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