I think we are on our way to a family routine. The past four nights the kids have asked to play Quirkle after dinner.
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jorge bought the game for the kids for Christmas. They played off and on through the year but have recently got addicted. And it’s one of the few games that Mario can play without getting completely pissed off if he loses. I’m not sure why but he had yet to throw a fit after any game – and he has not won one.

This has me thinking that he is like his mama and dad – very left brained. Concrete thinking. Hard to visualize objects but easy to answer what’s 5×5. Quirkle is all about the ability to visualize and pick up quickly where matching pieces could fit. Very right-brain biased.
Maria is ridiculously good at the game. I think she got 10 quirkles last match. And she places pieces in places where she will double her points versus just next to a color that matches her. She is strategic. She plays almost as well as the two artists in the family – Uncle Jack and Jorge. When they come back to visit, we will have to get a game on.

And this is a game where she is competitive – she’s typically not. I guess the children both know where their strengths and weaknesses lie and they have accepted them. Such geniuses at this young age…


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