Wing kids

The kids have returned from a weekend with Grandma Ionno. At age 75, this lady takes her 4 grand kids for more than 48 hours and complains not one bit. God love her – more than I can say about me after 24 entire hours.
We took Grandma to Matt the Miller’s for brunch. All Mario likes these days are ritz crackers and chicken legs. Yea, don’t ask me. He is an enigma. He ate an entire sleeve of crackers when he stepped into the house; and when we went to brunch he asked for chicken legs. They had chicken leg wings, thank goodness, and Mario was pleased. Ri couldn’t pass up the wings either because the waiter confirmed they had ranch dressing to which she could dip her wings. That girl knows how to live.

Mario isn’t quite as seasoned as Ri on the wing front. He doesn’t dip them in anything and only ate two before he was full (may have had to do a bit with the sleeve of Ritz crackers…).

Wings have never tempted me and never will. They look and feel gross. I stuck with a turkey club and sweet potato fries – yum. But as always, the best part of the meal was the dessert – Greater’s buckeye blitz and chocolate chip ice cream. If only I could live on that for every meal. The kids have inherited my love for Greater’s as well taking down scoops of chocolate chip with me. Needless to say, I can’t take a picture of us all post-feast because we are sprawled out on the couch with our pants’ buttons undone. Happy post T-Day!>

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