B-ball boy

This kid is a basketball playin’ nut. Not only did we sign him up for basketball up north on Saturdays and Tuesdays but he also wanted to play in the Grandview league on Sundays. He’s got a few more buddies on his team in the Grandview league.

There’s Jack and Ben and Mario watching a shot at the basket – most likely made by the strongest player on the team – a girl. How sweet is that?!
It is much more fun to watch him play basketball than tee-ball. Constant action. I always wished I liked playing b-ball because it’s a great workout. Mario was actually tired after the practice/scrimmage. He plays hard though, and is quite scrappy going after the ball. He looks so much older to me than he did playing tee-ball in the Summer. He even looks older than he did playing football; maybe it’s because I can see the intensity in his face when he plays b-ball. The helmet hid his face in football.
Whatever it is, it’s gonna take an adjustment on my part. He’s making that transition from a child to a boy and what a roller coaster of emotions that will bring! But tis life; I’m excited that he finds so much joy in moving and shaking and being with friends … and having his parents watch him. I hope that piece will never end.>

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