Skyline Sunday

We have been going non-stop since the beginning of the holidays between hosting family and driving to parties and running kids to games and practices. So we were in dire need for a little chill time this afternoon after Mario played his basketball game.
And what better way to chill as a family then to eat Skyline chili dogs together. Jon and I used to hit Skyline every Saturday afternoon when we were dating; we even became “ambassadors.” Something to be proud of?! So it was a blast from the past to head over there with the kiddos today. And dang if it wasn’t yummy as all get out. Everything from the oyster crackers to the cheese on top of the coney dog. The kids dared each other to eat hot sauce on the oyster cracker. Ri put a ton on and drank an entire glass of water. Mario put a dab on and was gloating because he didn’t drink any water afterwards. Of course he had to make it a competition.

As if we really needed any other food after Skyline, we couldn’t resist a stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home. Chocolate long johns to die for.


We couldn’t even wait to eat them at home! Now could I please just get in my sweats and call it a day at 2 in the afternoon?!

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