She’s all that


Yea, she’s all that.

Funny as all get out. She can have me laughing on even my most horrible of days.

Smart as a whip. She knows how things work, where things are, and what are the answers (and if she doesn’t, she can surely play it up like she does).

Perceptive as a CIA agent. She picks up on a conversation and quickly assesses what is happening. She easily deciphers when folks are being sarcastic versus sincere and can hold her own with those sarcastic souls (exhibit 1, Aunt Laura)!

Empathetic as no nine year old I’ve met. She senses when folks are hurting and knows how to console them. Whether it’s opening a door for an older individual or helping feed the homeless, she’s all in.

Fashionable as a runway model. She puts together combinations I’ve never dreamed of mixing and pulls it off magnificently (exhibit 2 above).

Generous as can be. She will give away her money, her toys, her food to anyone she sees in need … and not expect anything in return.

Protective as a mama lion. She will not tolerate anyone messin’ with her brood (exhibit 3, she was ready to call my boss the night I came home so upset about work).

Loud as summer thunder. She exercises those vocal chords extremely well. If you are sitting next to her, put the plugs in those ears. But it’s all in the name of pure joy and excitement.

Adventurous as a toddler. Give her an activity that scares 80% of humankind and she’s on it.

Thoughtful as an unsuspected gift on your doorstep. She loves to see people smile and is always thinking of ways to put one on faces (exhibit 4, sending “I love you” letters in the mail to family members).

Yea, this girl is all that – and I’m so glad I get to witness “all that” every single day.

Grateful for you, Ri.


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