Ohio State Fair Hair

I sent Ri off to the Ohio State Fair today with our summer sitter. She’s been begging to go all week and it almost didn’t happen because Mario got sick this morning. Super Dad came through though and worked from home so Ri could go. 

I told her to send pictures with the pigs and horses and chickens. Instead, this is what I got…


Along with a message to please let her by a flat iron for $150. Seriously?! Has the fair always had booths that sell flat irons and woo young girls in by curling their hair for free?! What has the world come to? 

She did later text me this picture.

I was happy to see she engaged in traditional fair activities like the Ferris wheel. I’m sure she also took down some yummy fair food as well. 

But I’m still flabbergasted at her first text. Really, a hair products booth?! 

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