Cake walk 2016

One of our favorite events in the school year occurred on Friday night: the Cake Walk. The Cake Walk supports the band. This year, we were required to donate a cake because Maria is in the band. I figured Kroger’s would profit from this requirement. However, Ri had decided a month ago that she was going to bake a cake. Any reason she has to bake, she takes.

Kroger’s did profit on us buying cake mix and a bunch of icing the night before the Walk. Ri came home after school on Friday and went to town with Morgan. She had a picture of the cake she wanted to make – it was white with a blue bobcat print for her school mascot. She sent me a text at 5 pm to show me the final product she was delivering to the high school gym. 

I was mighty impressed. The girl has got the knack for baking. 

The kids were begging to head to the Walk as soon as I got home at 5:30. We were one of the first ones to enter and I enjoyed the quiet before the storm. However, they did a good job setting it up this year in a way that you never felt sardined in the gym with a gazillion other parents. In year’s past, I got claustrophobic because it was so crowded. Neither kid wanted me anywhere near them after I paid their admission and gave them ticket money. So, I used that as an excuse to run home and walk my pup. 

I returned 30 minutes later and talked to a mom who was looking for her third-grade son so she could bolt for home. We laughed at how excited and nervous the kids got at this event – all over a little cake. But we laughed harder when I saw Mario pop up out of his chair and thought he won a cake! He hadn’t, and I was bummed. It’s not just the kids with the nervous energy. A cake is like $20 to me, especially a sheet cake. I had made it clear to the kids they better win something for mama!

Mario took a break to get a drink with me in the concession area (yes, he had run out of money). We found his friend Addison with her mom eating pizza. Mario whipped out about 15 tickets he won from playing games earlier and Addison ooohhhed and ahhhhed. I asked if they both wanted to try for a cake with me and Addison jumped at the opportunity. I believe Mario only tagged along to be with her. 

They say together at each walk and laughed. So cute. Addison even hooked Mario up with a few tickets when he ran out. 

Maria, on the other hand, was not messing around. She and her friend Evelyn wanted to leave with a cake. She had gotten all irritated with me because I said no to a sleepover earlier in the night so she had been pouting. But then she broke out of her doldrums after I told her for the tenth time that she was creating a bad time for herself while everyone else was having fun. Or maybe it was me telling her she could have a sleepover on Saturday night….

Whatever it was, I’m glad she stopped pouting because she won a cake at the last minute! And it was a sheet cake!   Mama was so charged! Mario tried up to the last walk but had no luck. He was ok though, because he had won a sweet Buckeyes basketball at the games. 

We left at 10 pm – long night for those cake walks. I tucked them both to bed and ran downstairs to enjoy Ri’s winnings.

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