International Harvester

So a memory I will have until the day I take my last breath on this Earth is of Ri in the front seat with Jon belting out the lyrics to the song “International Harvester.” Jon is on a country song kick, which means the whole family needs to get on the kick or be miserable as we drive around in his truck. We aren’t ones to be miserable so we all embraced the music. But Ri did with a vengeance. She now plays the tune every opportunity she gets. 

Jon was away the other week and Ri asked me to video her singing it so that she could text it to him to make him smile. It did. 

The song has some great lyrics, I must admit. 

“I got two boys in the county 4-H, I’m a life long member of the FAA… Been married ten years to the farmer’s daughter….” 

Who would have thought this song would bond us together every time it is played? Ri belts out the words while bopping her head, Jon joins in the singing during his favorite parts, and Mario smiles taking it all in. I simply soak it up. 
Here’s a clip of Ri going to town in Jon’s cowboy hat on the way to Cincy this weekend: 

With this entertainment, I can’t help but be a country music fan.

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