Obama Rally

Obama pins, Obama cups, Obama shirts. Protestors. Loud music. Welcome to the OSU Obama rally, Maria and Mario.

I asked our babysitter to drop the kids off at my office with the stroller so that we could walk over to the rally on the Oval. I made the last minute decision when I found out they had a few more tickets at the Obama headquarters downstairs from my office. With as much back and forth between M&M about the candidates, I thought this would be a good experience.


I knew from the beginning of our stroller ride that Mario was not gonna hang with me in all of the chaos. He has a nasty cold that has him headache-y and coughing. He perked up a bit when the Secret Service guys talked to him as we went through security and he even danced for them when he caught a bit of Black Eyed Peas on the loudspeaker. But when we moved into the crowd and the speakers were blasting and the crowd was cheering, he wailed “I want to go, mom!” I tried to distract him but there was no use. So, I made them take in all of the people and excitement and energy of the place and always remember how important it is to vote. On the count of three, we all yelled “Vote!” And then we headed back to my office.


Of course, once in my office, Mario came alive with the sight of chocolate everywhere (a lot of us have bowls of chocolate on our desks). He remembers the chocolate all too well and went directly to the rooms that had it. Maria went directly to my desk to be “the boss.” They could have played in my room all night.

But Jon rescued me and drove up like a knight in shining armor to pick us up. We ate Bob Evans (could I live on chocolate chip pancakes? Yes), and then I rode home (no room for my bike in the truck) only to find M&M in the driveway riding their bikes in the dark waiting for me.

“We beat you, mom!”
“Yea, but I’m gonna get you now” I remarked as I chased them down the driveway listening to them laugh and prod me to chase them faster.


After engaging in these chases for twenty minutes, I finally petered the kids out. They parked their bikes and went inside. Mario turned on the computer and yelled “Mom, come here!” I walked over and he said “see mom, I told you Mitt Romney is more famous because he’s on the front page of the computer!” Maria and I shook our heads and scrolled down to find a picture of Obama to show him.

It could have been worse

I get really annoyed with this season of politics. I rarely watch tv anyhow but I make sure I turn it off during this time of year. However, the kids still watch a show here or there in the evening or Saturday mornings. But that’s enough to pick up on the political ads.

The other day, we were all sitting around the table and I mentioned that Obama had visited Ohio State. The following diatribe ensued:

Mario: “I don’t like Obama because the man on tv said he lies.”
Maria: “Obama helps people who need it. He cares about others .”
Mario: “Mic (yes, he cannot understand that a man’s name is “Mitt”) Romney is going to win. Obama’s a loser.”
Maria: “Romney is the loser. All he cares about is getting rich.”

As my colleague said, “those commercials are geared for five year olds!” So it was a breath of fresh air to laugh at this clip on The Daily Show .

As I vote on election day, after having trudged through months of mud-slinging and posturing, I will remember “it could have been worse” (and Ri, I got your back!).