It could have been worse

I get really annoyed with this season of politics. I rarely watch tv anyhow but I make sure I turn it off during this time of year. However, the kids still watch a show here or there in the evening or Saturday mornings. But that’s enough to pick up on the political ads.

The other day, we were all sitting around the table and I mentioned that Obama had visited Ohio State. The following diatribe ensued:

Mario: “I don’t like Obama because the man on tv said he lies.”
Maria: “Obama helps people who need it. He cares about others .”
Mario: “Mic (yes, he cannot understand that a man’s name is “Mitt”) Romney is going to win. Obama’s a loser.”
Maria: “Romney is the loser. All he cares about is getting rich.”

As my colleague said, “those commercials are geared for five year olds!” So it was a breath of fresh air to laugh at this clip on The Daily Show .

As I vote on election day, after having trudged through months of mud-slinging and posturing, I will remember “it could have been worse” (and Ri, I got your back!).

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