Human pretzel

This boy is a human pretzel. He challenged me to a game of Twister before the OSU game on Saturday night and he whooped me. I thought I did pretty good – got my right leg on red while my left was on blue and my right hand was on yellow and left on red. But when he spun and told me to move my right leg, I collapsed. Don’t quite gave the agility I once had.
But Mario, he cranked the moves out. He was literally in a near back bend and held it as I slowly flicked the spinner to give him a new move. Eventually, I ditched the spinner and just began to yell out where to place his feet and hands, calling out positions that should be impossible. But he achieved them.

Eventually, after 20 minutes, he caved when he had to try to twist one leg under the other and his trembling arms were spread out the length of the plastic mat.
As he walked by me to sit with Jon, he commented “I only fell because I wanted to watch the game with dad.” I believe it.

Wednesday night pizza and brownies

I discovered tonight that Papa John’s Pizza is horrible. Maria begged for me to order it since we were having the neighborhood kids down for dinner and play time. I was thinking Papa John’s was Little Ceasar’s and would be cheap so I agreed. Oops. $22 later I had a large and medium pizza from Papa John’s, and was soon to be royally disappointed.

We were greeted by the neighborhood kids when we pulled up. The kids were like alley dogs when I opened the pizza boxes ripping slices away from the cardboard and going to town. After a five minute dinner, the girls went outside to the trampoline and the boys went up to Mario’s room. Soon I was greeted by two Spidermen and a laser shooter.



They were only outdone by the chocoholic girls who ravaged my brownie mix bowl and looked like savages in the wild.



Probably a mistake to combine nasty Papa John’s pizza and garlic butter with brownies but it was if my body needed the sugar and chocolate to soak up the grease. The kids decorated the brownies with icing and sprinkles while I just continued to cut and eat small slices until there were no brownies left.


Just so we could ensure belly aches for the evening, we played Twister. Ri lasted a few minutes, Sophie and Quinn a bit longer and Mario forever. He was a machine. He only ate a bite of pizza but had 5 brownies so maybe that’s his trick.


When the kids’ mom texted to have them come home, I was relieved to have some quiet and just two kids in the house. Of course by that time, Mario was so jonesed up on sugar that he was running around the house like a mad man taking off his shirt and singing “I know I’m sexy…!”

I’m ready for bed.