Girl bonding around diarrhea and poop

Maria and Anna dressed up for Halloween

Maria wanted a girl in her class to come over after school so badly on Monday.  Maria had gone through a couple of rough spots with girls in her classroom and I was excited to see her wanting to invite a friend over.  I had been talking to her about how important establishing friendships with girls was during school. 

Mario was still hanging with his grandparents (and wanting nothing to do with his parents) so I thought Maggie could earn her share of money for the day by picking Maria and her friend up from school.  Maggie took them to the park, walked them home, and let them play in Maria’s room.  I got home around 5:30, and as soon as I walked through the door, Maria  and Anna were dragging me upstairs. 

“You gotta see my room mom!”

“Yeah, you have to see Maria’s room!”

I closed my eyes to the point of not being able to see most anything in front of me but open enough that I knew what room I was in when we arrived at our destination.  Maria’s room was CLEAN!  You could walk on the floor instead of on clothes; you could select a book from the bookcase versus the floor; you could see the sheets on her bed rather than fifty-five stuffed animals.  Unfortunately, five minutes later the room was back to its natural state with Maria and Anna throwing animals at me, karate-chopping me, and jumping all over the room.  They were HYPER, laughing hysterically at anything I said or did or anything the other one did.  Both of them rolling around on the floor beggin’ me to tickle them: the simple pleasure of being goofy for a while; just what I needed after a crappy day at work.

We decided to head to Panera for dinner. I put the two of them in the stroller and began our walk up the street.  I was excited to talk with them about school and friends and teachers and being a girl and dealing with boys – ya know, all the stuff that a mom wants to chat up with her daughter and her girlfriends (already wanting the scoop in kindergarten!). 

Instead, the entire way was full of talk about diarrhea and poop. 

The two of them played off of each other like a comedy team.  I was reminded of an incident with my friend’s son a few years back.  The subject of “poop” had come up between another girlfriend and I, which my friend’s son overheard, and he laughed harder than I had ever seen him laugh before at the word “poop.”  My friend walked in the room and asked “Did you say something referring to poop?!”  Shocked, I answered in the affirmative and she just shook her head smiling.  There is something about excrement that is innately funny to kids – and obviously not just to male kids.  Nearly the entire meal consisted of this lovely talk – even with me trying hard to steer it to another topic. 

So much for my female bonding moment with the girls.  I can only imagine the conversation with Mario and his friends in a couple of years.  Nonetheless, when we returned home, the girls sat down at Maria’s table and drew pictures for one another.  The pictures consisted of two girls holding hands and hearts around them.  They both wrote each other’s names and their own names above each girl and handed their respective picture to the other.  When I dropped Anna off to her mom, the girls hugged and Anna yelled “I love you Maria!” and Maria responded “Love You, Anna!”  I was grateful to hear that from them and witness a friendship develop (even if it has to be around diarrhea and poop)!

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