We give up.

Mario in his new bed

We just spent a nice chunk fo change on a cool loft bed for Mario with the hopes that he would stop sleeping in Maria’s bed and stop being so scared to go to sleep at night.  Spiderman sheet and pillow and comforter.  Steps to climb up into the bed.  Play area under the bed to hide, play with toys, read books.   Mario came home from school and we led him upstairs with eyes closed to see it.  He loved it.  He climbed up the steps and sat up in his bed beaming.  Maria tried to climb up and he screamed “No, Maria. My bed!” 

Maria enjoying her book in bed

We talked it up all night.  Maria even helped us out (“Mario, that is the coolest bed in the world – you are so lucky!).  Maria’s assistance was all the more impressive because she was so jealous of Mario’s new bed.  She laid in it while he played in her room with Jon.  When we made her come into her room, she walked in with a pout.  “My bed is so boring – Mario gets everything.”  We had to have a talk with her about how much she has compared to others on this earth, and how we drooled and gushed over her bed when we got it when she was four years old.  I told her that I used to lay in my bed and read books, draw, and talk on the phone with girlfriends!  She cooled off, and we hopped into her bed and read a book. 

Eventually, the moment of truth came.  It was time to go to bed.  Maria laid down in her bed like she always does – exhausted from her day in Kindergarten.  Mario reluctantly got into his bed.  I affirmed how lucky he was to have this new bed and how Spiderman sleeps in a bed like his and gets all of his strength by sleeping through the night.  I gave him a kiss, Jon gave him a kiss, and we walked out.  I went back into Maria’s room to read her one last book, and within 5 minutes, there was Mario peeking through her door. 

“Ok, Mario, you can read one book with Ri and I and then you have to go to bed.”

“Ok, Mom.”

We read two more books.  I was hoping that he had overheard me reading to Ri and that is what brought him into her room.  I walked him back into his room, and tucked him under his comforter.  I gave him his binkies (yeah, that is a while other post!) and his blankie and told him he had to stay in bed and sleep.  I again affirmed how cool his bed was and how we all wished we had one.  I went downstairs.

Mario taking over Maria's bed

I responded to some emails, looked over volunteer opportunities, thought about activities for the weekend, and walked back upstairs to check on Mario about an hour later.  I had not heard anything while downstairs, which was a miracle since he or Maria typically come downstairs at least twice after being put to bed.  I went into Maria’s room first with the hope and belief that I would just see her sleeping body.  Shattered.  There lay our three-year old stubborn son, head right next to Maria’s, snoring away.  Maybe they are just meant to sleep together in the same room?  It would free up a much-needed room for Jon and I….

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