22 minutes

Mario and I showing our dukes before heading out for a muffin

Mario and I enjoyed a mother/son night tonight while Jon and Maria went hunting (Jon had resolved that he was 99% sure he would not shoot a turkey if he saw one with Maria – luckily, he did not see one).  

Before I picked Mario up from daycare, I grabbed two Spiderman movies at the library.  Mario eats, sleeps, and dreams Spiderman.  If he see anything Spiderman anywhere – store, magazine, newspaper, tv, he goes hyper.  If Spiderman walked into our house tomorrow, I think he would faint at the sight of him.  he worships him.  He also is in love with MJ, Spiderman’s girlfriend.  Last night, he acted like we was on the phone with MJ, calling her up by dialing “1,2,3,4,5” and coyly introducing himself.

“Hi, MJ, this is Spiderman.”

“Yes.  Uh-huh.  Ok.  Sure.”

“Ok, bye.”

And he hung up.  He looked over at Jon and I and smiled.  

While we were watching Spiderman tonight, MJ came on the screen.  Mario jumped up off the couch and yelled “MaryJane!”  Then he looked me in the eyes and said matter of fact “I want to go into the tv to see her.”  That is one romantic fella.  

My Superhero

After watching two Spiderman episodes, Mario was up for some action.  He asked me to be the “bad guy” and he would be Spiderman.  He made me sit on the floor.  He grabbed a couch pillow and swung it my way grunting the entire way.  I picked it up and swung it lightly back at him and he flew to the floor faking his demise.  When I rejoiced in beating Spiderman, he leapt up from the floor and threw that pillow back at me.  I threw it back at him and he karate chopped it in mid-air.  He climbed all over the couch and chair evading my reach.  After about 7 minutes of engaging in these antics, I started to tire.  I was ready to hit Stauf’s for a midnight muffin.  However, I kept reminding myself that this was our time together, and although I wanted to be at Stauf’s or drawing a picture or playing Memory – anything different than play-fighting – that was what my superhero son wanted to play.  I kept an eye on the clock, nonetheless, to see how long it would be before he started to tire.  Throwing the pillow and running across the couch had to tire him out eventually. 

22 minutes later, it hit him.  “Mom, let’s go to Stauf’s.  I want a muffin and cream cheese.”  Ahh, my gift for hanging in there with him.  And for him, 22 minutes is pretty good!  I thought I may be going at it for at least an hour.  It must be the three-year-old attention span.  Whatever it is, I will take it.  We headed to Stauf’s in his Spiderman nightie, his red socks, his red hat and his Spiderman gloves and got our muffin and cream cheese packet. Yum!

2 thoughts on “22 minutes

  1. Patty says:

    Hi Mary/Mom:
    I just read your blog regarding Mario and you playing Spiderman. That sounds like what Mario and I did the last time he was up here. He kept throwing the pillow at me and me at him and he would crawl all over the couch. You were lucky it only lasted 22 minutes, we played it for three days! Ha. Love, Grandma Patty

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