Dancin’ the Night Away

Maggie came over tonight and we jammed it out to Call Me Baby.  Maggie introduced me to this song a couple of weeks ago and I can’t get it out of my head.  I sing it while heading to meetings and picking up the kids and mowing the lawn.  I just wish I could dance like any of the youngins’ in the video.  Maggie jammed out a move to try to teach me but I looked like I was having a major chest spasm. 

Dancing awayLater in the evening, we found Now 7 and Now 41 CDs in Maria’s room.  This discovery set off a round of dancing sessions with Maria and Mario (and Jon even got a wild hair when Nelly sang).  Maria is thoughtful when she dances because she is busy trying to hear what the words are to the song while she dances.  This causes her to look like she has no rhythm.  And because she has my genes, she is already one step in the hole when it comes to rhythm.  Mario, on the other hand, has some moves in him.  He could care less about the words to the song; he just moves to the beat and lets the words go as they may.  The two of them together are a hysterical live show.  At one point, Maria started jumping up and down and throwing her arms up to put bunny ears behind her own head.  Maggie and I thought we should try her move at the bar next time we went out. 

Mario aka Rico SuaveMario began to move like Rico Suave and gently hold his fingers to my mouth as he stared at me.  Jon commented that he has a career as a Chippendale.   Twenty seconds after he said that, Mario sprang out from behind the chair with his robe and shirt tore off.  Bare-chested with his pj bottoms dancing to “I’m Sexy and I know it.”  What a shame. 

Who created these two!?

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