Do you like being a mom?

Mario sat in the car while I loaded in the pizza for our dinner.  I was getting ready to close the door when Mario asked me:

“Do you like being a mom?”

I could not believe he asked me this question.  In thinking about it some more, it’s a valid question, and a provocative one for a four-year old.  I was surprised at how quickly I responded “yes!”  He smiled.  Then I asked him if he liked being my son, and he prmptly replied “yes” to my glee. 

Then I started singing my made-up song “Mario is my baby and I love him to the moon and the stars…!” 

He promptly stopped me mid-stream and yelled “Mom, please stop singing!” 

I looked back at him, and he explained “I love you mom, but not your singing.” 

He may be inquisitive, but he is also brutally honest.

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