Optimism triumphs


I love this drawing. I am lucky to err on the side of optimism most of the time when something is not going as planned. But I do have my days when pessimism creeps in, and fortunately, I have my family and friends to steer me back on the “O” path.

The other morning, I opened the shades and saw a dreary morning sunrise. I let out a sigh and walked downstairs to make Maria’s lunch. Mario looked outside a few minutes later and shouted down to me “It’s a beautiful day, mom!” My optimist.

Last night, Maria and I biked to Giant Eagle for allergy medicine. When we walked out the sliding doors, the sky was dark gray. I looked at Maria and told her we may be biking in the rain. She looked up at me in disbelief and said “Mom, we are right by our old street. We could just go to our old neighbors’ houses and wait for the rain to pass.”

And… my other optimist. Of course, this was after Maria cried about how horrible life was and how much she hated me because I made her bike to Giant Eagle before Orange Leaf!

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