Ten Reasons to be grateful

Top Ten Reasons to be Grateful for Today:

1. Waking up to Maria snoozing away like a baby giraffe laying perpendicular to me in my bed with her head tucked into my legs and her legs sprawled out over the end of the bed.

2. Watching Mario’s “I’m Sexy and I know it” video on my phone – he is banned from hitting the bars until he’s 30.

3.Eating Reese Peanut Butter Puffs and a chocolate easter bunny for breakfast!

4. Watching “mini me” (Maria) bike to school in her running shorts and t-shirt and look both ways before crossing the streets! You go girl!

5. Biking into work in 55 degree weather; I can’t believe it will be 93 degrees this weekend.

6. Drinking an iced decaf americano with milk and cinnamon and seeing a clip of Usher’s “Oh My Go-” video on tv. Love that song.

7. Hearing the joy in my mon’s voice when she called at 1 pm to tell me she got off work early and picked up Lou from doggie daycare.

8. Looking at the colorful array of flowers that I get to pot tonight. Hopefully at least a few live after my touch.

9. Soaking in Jon’s voice and hearing him say “I love you.”

10. Giving a smile to the janitor in my building who responded with a boisterous “It’s a grand beauty of a day, ma’am!” amen, sir.


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