Our Prizefighter Girl


“My tooth is out!” she screeched from our bed
Jon and I ran to our room and
to our delight
She was not teasing this time
that stubborn front tooth
had finally decided to part ways
with Ri’s bright red gums.

She held it tightly
in her bloodied white tissue and
ran downstairs to call her grandmas
“My tooth fell out” we heard
over and over from below
She bursted back into our room
with that toothless grin
and I wrapped her in my arms
not wanting to let go
not wanting to find another tooth gone.

But alas, all times must end
To bring new adventures…
Nonetheless, I will stare at that
lovely little mouth
for as long as I am able
and share in Ri’s excitement when the
next baby white tooth
Falls out.


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