Using our words

My girl is loving horse camp this week. She had Hawaiian day today, and dressed herself so cute. She used those dollar store purchases well between the leis, flower barrettes, and grass skirt.


Not only did she look adorable but she also remembered our word of the day from Monday when she said to me after my morning run “I admonish you to stop sweating so much!” I have been trying to teach them a different word each day and Monday was “admonish.” Mario used the word in a sentence stating to Jon “I admonish you to stop watching tv.” I sweat too much and Jon watches too much tv. Lovely.

Yesterday, we learned “beguile.” Mario and Maria told me they had to go to the basement to get a stuffed animal when I asked them to clean up. When they came back up, they had no stuffed animals. They looked at me and said “we beguiled you!” Real cute as I had already cleared away the dishes.

I think we will study the word “conniving” tonight.

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