Laughing with Conan

I needed a good laugh today. I didn’t get a good workout in this morning because Mario begged me for the second day in a row to take him with me before I left for the gym. I tried so hard to quietly tip-toe down the steps at 6:45 am but somehow those ears of his picked me up and I heard the pitter-patter of feet coming down the steps towards me. He tapped my leg and softly said “can I come with you mom? Please.”

How do I say no to that request? Jon tells me it’s easy but it ain’t for me. No siree. So there I found myself picking him up and grabbing my iPad and heading out to the stroller. There goes another day of lifting weights at the gym but I guess he’s worth it….

Then I had to sit in hours of negotiations waiting to hear from the other side and yawning in mental fatigue. Luckily, I found Conan O’Brien’s commencement speech. It had me laughing within the first paragraph. Nothing like a good laugh to bring you back to life. Now, I am ready for a wrestling match with those little munchos after work.

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