Vote and be a star!


In honor of the voting season, the kids decided to replicate the O-H-I-O theme for Ohio State with a V-O-T-E theme for the elections in November. Mario conditioned being the letter “T” on a promise to get him on tv. Gotta love that kid – he wants star power badly! Meanwhile, Maria formed an “O” and shouted “”O” is in “vote” and in “Obama””!

I came inside to wait for Mario to get changed and got a tweet about Sarah Silverman’s voter fraud video. I laughed so hard that Mario ran over and hugged me because he thought I was crying.

Mario must have heard the last part of Silverman’s video about giving guns to kids because when we went to the car to go get gas he grabbed his gun from the back seat. He shouted “hey mom” to me. “Get a picture of me for that girl, mom!”

Oh, he’s trying anything to be a star! Who knows, he may be joking around with Ms. Silverman one day….


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