Brownie Gal


Ri wore her brownie sash for the first time this year complete with the badges that I diligently ironed on last night. Ri worried that I had no clue how to iron the badges on because she knows her mother’s lack of home ec skills. When I brought the iron downstairs she looked at me with concerned eyes and pulled on grandma. “Grandma’s right here if you need help” she said coyly. But I cranked it out without any botch ups.

“See, I did it, Ri!” I beamed with pride.

“Thanks mama.” I could sense that Ri wondered why I was do excited over completing an ironing project. But Jon understood what an accomplishment it was for his wife (who has yet to learn to sew a button onto her pants).

I placed the sash over her head this am, and she stood tall as I snapped her picture. I never joined Girl Scouts as a kid and I don’t remember any of my girlfriends joining either. But Ri seems to enjoy it and it gets her around other girls so I promote it as much as possible.

Besides, anything that can teach me a home ec skill gets a win in my book and Ri’s!

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