You are one of my nicest thoughts


I received this card from my mom a week ago and I love the saying on it: “You are one of my nicest thoughts.” What a magnificent way to tell someone you are thinking of them.

I appreciate these simple nuggets that randomly enter my life because they gently slap me on the face and remind me of the important things in life. My family, my friends, being outdoors, doing cartwheels. When I opened up this card, I had been steaming about an email from a work colleague. The email was absolutely not worth the energy I was giving to it and the card brought that to light immediately.

As I was laying with Ri that night, I told her that she was one of my nicest thoughts. She looked at me awkwardly at first but then smiled her huge, rapturous smile and replied “I love you to the moon and back, mom.”

And so, we continue to add to our repertoire of wonderful sayings.

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