Twilight Zone

I had to be in the Twilight Zone last night:

1. Jon folded all of the laundry.

2. Maria finally passed Xtra Math after months of frustration and after it looked like it would be months more work from Saturday’s report. She unwillingly logged on Sunday night and within five minutes of work received a message that she completed all levels of Addition. She was so pumped up and immediately texted her teacher this picture.


From Saturday’s report I didn’t think there was any way she’d complete soon. It was so frustrating because she’s on division at school but she can’t get past Addition on this on-line Xtra Math site. I knew she was just as frustrated. So when the screen showed she passed I was beside myself with joy. She scored a sundae with cookie dough topping which made all the hell she endured with Xtra Math worthwhile.


3. Jon became a ninja warrior. He stole the foam roller, numchucks, and swords from M&M and took them on in a kitchen showdown. Nothin’ like settling down right before bed time….


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