Keeping us laughin’


Our girl. She is a rock. While Mario is having a hard time in kindergarten, she remains stoic and independent, heading into class by herself and trying to toughen up Mario. “Buck it up!” she continues to tell him.

When we were at Bob Evans on Saturday night,our waitress spilled a glass of water all over the table. Jon looked a bit annoyed because it almost got all over him and Maria bitingly said “we’ll, she has got to be new since she can’t even balance the water.” Little sass girl. Sure enough, two minutes later the waitress returned with napkins and said “I’m sorry, I’m in training.” Ri smiled at all of us.

When Jon explained to the kids that he was just tired from a long week, Maria scolded him. “You need to learn to meditate, dad. You just put your palms together and hummmmm.”

She surely keeps us laughing, which is exactly what we need right now. Love ya girlie.


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